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Hiring an architecture company or even a few architects needs a lot of forethought prior to finally selecting the correct architect for your assignment / project.

Many a times, we likely speed up our decision to hire one – only to get the work out of order.

So we are here to help you out with 4 major things you need to keep in mind before you handle your project to an architect.


Be Flexible with size: 

This is really crucial: search for an architect who has already worked on multiple projects – big as well as small – particularly smaller projects, as this presents the architect’s sense of autonomy, industrial quality & versatility to work in small teams as a start-up.


Amazing portfolio:

Not every architect has an amazing pile of project portfolios for showing. Consequently, the skill that is required to lift up the plan to a next level needs ample confidence, flexibility, resources and vision – which is reflected from your earlier projects to a large extent. So make sure you revise the past credentials & review the work before hiring the architect.


Can be a multi-tasker:

The architect needs to juggle many things at one go, whether visiting the job site for inspecting ongoing work, or computer drafting, to never feel tired of doing the same thing every day. Multi-tasking will never leave you in an impasse – & that is what you should be seeking in an architect to execute the project’s responsibilities successfully.


Have an eye for Design:

Certainly, all architects can never have the design-bent of mind. But when we have interior designers for this job, then why architects? Because you need to make sure that the fee you are paying to the architects is in proportion to the building cost. It is all dependent upon your project’s budget & skills requirement. And for this reason, you should never negotiation with the design & experience it renders for your project stakeholders. Above all, the general look & feel of the construction site, also needs the architect’s eye to ensure that it is in harmony with the design intent that you had initially set.

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