MEP Drafting Services


Nowadays Architects have a world of visualization & technology at their feet, but with a new problem: to deliver. Many MEP Drafting Services have flourished all over the world to support them in this industry.

The basic idea behind offering Architectural CAD Drafting Services is to provide quality with drawings and letting the architects focus on only creativity.

Today’s market is sternly competitive, where the industry stresses on coming out with an innovative design every time that meets all client requirements, while satisfying the money & time constraints that rule the company’s productivity- Architectural CAD Drafting Services lessen a designer’s load by ensuring top-quality results each time.

Moreover, the increased client awareness; raising standards of architects every day; the uncontrolled creativity that technology allows; and not to mention the architect’s own desire to be known for his unique designs, all add up making the competition tighter. In such a scenario, MEP Drafting Services plays a vital role working behind the scenes.

Briefly, these days there is a huge need for designers to effort on creativity & enactment. Also separate attention is required for making bug-free drawings, and that is where CAD Drafting comes into the picture.

To cater this need, Drafting Outsourcing offers Architectural CAD Drafting Services Outsourcing. We have specialized in drafting CAD, CAD conversion services & lot of other disciplines.

Drafting Outsourcing brings a team and a work approach that understands your work and delivers as per your requirements.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services:

  • Cad Conversion from a PDF/ paper drawing
  • Architectural Drafting Services from a free hand sketch
  • Editing CAD files from mark-ups
  • Drafting from a red-lined PDF
  • Conversion between CAD & other platforms/software
  • Correcting CAD standards
  • CAD Documentation services


Drafting Outsourcing is second to none, when it comes to MEP drafting services. We have expert teams of trained architects with rich experience of handling huge projects. Every team is controlled by a senior architect & supported by our in house quality assurance team to ensure the quality of the final output.

You can send us your project sample for estimation and do remember, the following are part of your RFQ:

  1. CAD standards
  2. Sample project in CAD and PDF
  3. The Brief – outlining the task to be performed
  4. Input files
  5. Schedule of deliverables

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