Architectural Construction Documents and Services


Drafting Outsourcing has the ability of handling projects starting from the Schematic Design phase to Design Development & Construction Documentation. Indeed, many of our tasks comprise completing Architectural Construction Documents and Services for our clients worldwide. Our experienced team of qualified architects is trained to handle huge projects & provide first-rate Construction Documents and Services.

We concentrate mainly on accuracy & quality of architectural construction documents. For doing so, we confirm that architects who understand the design intent & also interpret it well; manage the Construction Documentation for the project. We use our wide-ranging knowledge for your full benefit& our architects perform the complete process of generating architectural construction documents set, which seems like to what you would have done in-house.


In Architectural Construction Documents Services, quality is the remarkable concern. To deliver an effective quality checking & quality assurance process, our in-house project team & the quality assurance team work with perfect interrelation. Our exhaustive 3-level check comprises:

  • Self Check
  • Peer Check
  • Supervisory Check

To make sure flawless Architecture Construction Documents, the constraints for the quality check set comprise:

  • Architectural elements contained in the documents
  • Output quality from drafting point of view
  • Cross reference between specification sheets, drawings and detail sheets
  • Cover sheet information
  • Effective communication with the client
  • Strict adherence to the initial schedule as decided with the client


The Drafting Outsourcing fits the bill perfectly when you need a vendor with rich experience of handling projects of varying types and sizes, in domains like Hospitality, Retail, Corporate, Institutional, Educational, Healthcare etc., for your construction documents. Drafting Outsourcing helps for the betterment in the following ways:

  • Fast turnaround time, which will help you increase your efficiency
  • Time to focus on your core competencies and spend more time designing, client management, project management.
  • Save costs of hiring. We will provide you a consistent & dedicated team of architects for a specific time trained in your software applications, operational processes & standards
  • Precise & flawless Architectural Construction Documents with attention to detail


The procedure we follow while generating your Architectural Construction Documents confirms timely delivery of your documents at inexpensive prices. Below are some of the high points of our process:

  • Regular in-depth reviews at various stages of the project
  • Initial study of the past Construction Documents accomplished by the client’s team to understand the standards & make them parallel to their in-house drawings
  • 3 level quality check process on the final drawings
  • A well-thought & well-defined work schedule

It is our duty to promise a transparent & smooth implementation of the project from the time we receive the brief regarding the project from our customers until the completion of the construction documents.

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