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1.Long & complex

enterprise architecture framework

It is not pretty if you have ever seen an architecture diagram whichseems like the schematic for a nuclear submarine. The enterprise architecture has to be widely understood & adopted ― this is not possible if it is excessively complex. EA should be precise& simple.

2.Focusing on one domain

The scope of Enterprise Architecture (EA) comprises application data, business & technical architecture. Usually architects emphasize on a single domain more as compared to others. Architects sometimes become business-oriented & lack insight into technical details. Others become entangled in low level technical architecture & lack business awareness.

3.Governance what?

Perhaps the most challenging phase of Enterprise Architectureis Governance. Also it is the area that getsignored frequently. It is serious for EA get involved in major projects & initiatives. Compliance assessments should be required activities for all projects.

enterprise architect 

4.Working in a bubble

Enterprise architecture is all about breaking down technology silos towardsmutual solutions. Though, all too often enterprise architects work in a silo themselves. To lead the EA process is one of the major roles of the EA Architect. The business needs to play an active part in outlining the architecture.

5.Dogma & silver bullets

Some enterprise architects prefer solutions that they are likely to apply ineach situation. This often takes the shape of a trendy concept such as SOA.

enterprise architecture as strategy 


Most enterprise architects are familiar with standardized dictionaries for IT such as that provided by ITIL. These standardized terms are good ― if you are talking to other architects. An enterprise architect needs to be a good communicator & part of this is using the words that people know. If the organization denotes to Service Level Management as “Quality Service Management” then that is the terminology the EA team should accept.

7.The never ending process

An enterprise architect should never lose touch with day-to-day business pressures & challenges. Enterprise architecture is a long term planning activity ― but it needs to be relevant in the here & now.

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